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My neighbor Karen has major allergy issues.  Luckily, her fiance Joe is an HVAC professional and knows exactly what to do to help her breathe easier in their home, but when they first moved in together, he wrote out a whole list of ways to eliminate odd causes of allergens. He made Karen tape the list to the refrigerator! He said it’s because he likes her so much, but I know he gets sick of hearing her sneezing and complaining, but anyway, Joe told Karen that she should consistently turn on the air conditioner when it starts to get warm instead of opening up the windows and doors. Air conditioning helps to filter out pollens and molds and it makes the air inside your home not only cooler, but cleaner, too, then the fourth thing Joe suggested was for Karen to let him install a humidifier on their HVAC unit to help them control areas with extra moisture. He also said that they should change their air filters frequently, but changing HVAC air filters on a regular basis will help to keep out allergens, smoke, and dust. Joe says that scheduling proper service with an HVAC professional is also a good way to help with keeping pollen irritations at bay with your heating and cooling system. I know that Karen is pretty lucky to have found someone like Joe who can not only help keep her feeling good and dust sensitivity-free, but can also help her if her air conditioning or her gas furnace breaks down! I’m hoping to start dating an HVAC contractor and then the 2 of us can help each other out when we have heating and cooling concerns!

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