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A bigger heater and a/c device

I am in my last few months of school and we required to write a paper on technology. While shopping with my girlfriend the other day, the topic hit me like a ton of bricks. What’s the deal with the HVAC systems in large shopping malls and why doesn’t the system work the same in different areas? iAs we walked through the stores I started to formulate my paper.  I wanted to understand HVAC systems better and know what went into the design and layout. You see, you can go from one shop to the next and feel freezing cold or boiling hot. That just doesn’t make any sense to me. It still seems shocking that there is no way to coordinate the HVAC systems and the programs that they use to cool and heat evenly throughout the stores.  The HVAC systems should be designed by the HVAC providers as they are the ones who are professionals. I think that sometimes, contractors are hired to install the systems and they just put the ductwork, air vents, and dampers where they think they should go. If the system is installed incorrectly then you can’t expect any program to run efficiently. I will have to pay a visit to my local HVAC dealer for some statistics and advice on my paper but I think it will be a grade A paper at any rate. Who knows, maybe after high school I will decide to go to a trade school and go into the HVAC business myself.  It would be a great job and I have heard that technicians are in high demand.

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