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Really sad there was no ac

I had big plans for my last big fling before my wedding. My friends all pitched in for a hotel room and planned on going out to various clubs then going back to party all night. As it turned out, it was definitely a night to remember, and not in a great way! The car broke down on the way to the club and we had to call an Uber, then we got lost trying to find the club. We would have thought that the driver was aware of where he was going, but, he was new in town too. When we finally arrived and started walking up to it, 7 cop cars and 3 ambulances pulled up, sirens blaring, because someone had started a huge fight over a girl and busted the place up.  We just wanted to get out of there at that point. There was no way I wanted to risk getting injured so close to my wedding day. We thought this night couldn’t get any crazier but then, we headed back to our hotel room to find out our air conditioner went out while we were gone. We started to feel like someone was trying to tell us something, like, we shouldn’t be partying like we wanted to. We called the front desk to see if someone could come help but, unfortunately, since it was around midnight, we couldn’t get a repairman to the room in a reasonable amount of time. They moved us to a suite which was the only high point of the entire evening. We stayed up most of the night joking about all the craziness that had happened. Overall, the night was fun because I had my best friends with me, but we agreed that next time we would have to focus on researching the quality of the hotel since that is where we ended up spending most of the time anyway.

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