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I’m not worried about the money

My man gets in a terrible mood every single time that the electric bill comes in the mail. He said that he just doesn’t understand why our bill is so high when the rest of the neighbors’ bills are about half the cost of ours! I told him that I think it’s because we need to seal up all of the air leaks in the ducts in our house! My man very doesn’t think that we have any air leaks, however our house is old as well as during the winter, I can tell for a fact that cold air is seeping into our house, and if it’s seeping in during the winter, you can pretty much guarantee that the cooled air from our air conditioning is seeping out those same cracks during the summertime. I suppose that air leaks are very our  greatest problem when it comes to saving energy in our house, especially when it comes to running our air conditioner during the summer. It just makes sense that if you’re trying to cool or to heat your home, and if the air from inside is just leaking back out, then your HVAC system is going to work much longer as well as harder to maintain the temperature that you want your house to be, then not only does this waste energy, but cause your electric bills to be higher, it also wears out your heating pump, air conditioner, or gas furnace unit a lot faster than it would wear out otherwise; Until my man listens to reason as and helps me to seal up the cracks around our old doors as well as windows and electrical outlets, I refuse to feel sorry for him when the electric bill comes in the mail!

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