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I have a bit of baggage

When I was a kid, our mom used to give our sister and me a big list of Spring cleaning chores to do. This only happened after Wintertime was finally over and we could really turn the gas furnace off in the basement, however i’ll never forget about all of the things that she would add to her big list of chores. I always hated to see her coming with her notebook! My sister and I used to hide downstairs behind the gas furnace, but somehow she always found us and made us divide the large list of chores, but some of the things I remember her making us do in the Spring are: Turning off the gas furnace, wiping down the outside of the ventilation ducts in the basement, cleaning the interior and exterior windows, turning off the gas fireplace, vacuuming out all of the air returns and vents, wiping down the vents, dusting the light bulbs and ceiling fans, and putting away all of the space heaters from the winter, and these things were only the beginning! She also made us put away all of the heavy Winter bedding since we wouldn’t need extra heating anymore. Then we also had to scrub all the floors, scrub down the walls, and deep disinfect all the bathrooms. My mom was a tyrant when it came to Spring cleaning, especially when it came to stuff that would involve our heating and cooling system like the vents and air returns. She always said that she would never turn the air conditioning on until the entire house was in ship shape.

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