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Celebrating good times

It’s been the longest Winter, it seems like. It felt like Spring would never come, but that’s how it goes sometimes in the northern part of the country where I live, then now that Spring is finally here (we hope!) it’s time for us to do some Spring cleaning. I love to turn off the oil furnace as and open up all of the windows as well as the doors and let the fresh air come into the house.  But Spring cleaning can mean something totally weird when it comes to your HVAC component in your home, that’s why, every Spring, we try to do Springtime heating and cooling maintenance. But over the years, we have found that if we commit to doing regular Springtime HVAC maintenance, it saves us money on repairs throughout the course of the rest of the year. It helps with optimal heating and cooling performance, lowered energy bills, comfortable living for your entire family, improved air quality, filtration of awful allergens, as well as a lot more. We’ve decided that if we take the time to do HVAC maintenance during the Spring when we’re doing the rest of our Spring cleaning, it benefits us with our heating and cooling units as well as our air purification systems for the entire year. It’s totally worth the time as well as effort. I would suggest calling your local HVAC company to come out and deliver you an estimate, and some of them will even deliver you a maintenance list of things that you can do yourself versus things that you should hire an HVAC professional contractor to come out and do for you.


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