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These repairs come natural to me

When me and my wife were thinking about buying a home, we looked at a lot of different ones, and we both knew that we wanted to buy an older place with some character. We just are not fans of those cookie cutter developments that seem to be everywhere nowadays. We thought at 1 point that we had found the home of our dreams. It was an 1800’s style home with a gorgeous wraparound porch and lots of trim around all of the windows and doors. It looked love something out of a fairytale! When we made the decision to go inside to check things out, most of the house looked fine. But when we made our way down to the furnace room in the basement, we saw the world’s oldest oil furnace! There was no way we’d be able to get the oil furnace out of the basement because it was large and seemed to be made of a solid piece of cast iron! I didn’t think we’d ever be able to have an HVAC dealer come in and replace the oil furnace because there was no way to get the outdated oil furnace out of there! On top of that, we noticed that all of the ductwork that we seen throughout the apartment was pieced together with duct tape. All of the ductwork had come apart at almost every single joint. We ended up not buying the house, because we just didn’t have money for a whole new HVAC plan in our housing budget.

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