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We’re using a big apartment building

For as long as I can remember, it has just been my dad in addition to me. Then, he got married again last year, and so my whole life has changed. I am entirely  elated for my dad, as he seems entirely blissful with my stepmom. However, I have to say it has been extremely stressful for me, mostly because of my new stepsister! She is, to put it lightly, completely awful, and in addition is making my life entirely more challenging. At first I just thought she was being annoying because that’s who she is, but now I am realizing she is just being a jerk to me. A good example is how she insists on using the air conditioner. I have awful sinuses. She knows this, and excessive use of the HVAC makes me dried out and get headaches. I swear to you that she never cared about running the air conditioner that much until she found out it bothers me, and now that she knows I get headaches from dry air, she keeps turning the A/C on in addition to decreasing the thermostat to keep it running. She will say it is because she is feeling hot. However, I suppose it doesn’t have anything to do with the cooling in our room. She just does it get to me, so I have to keep sneaking behind her and altering the thermostat back whenever she changes it. I have talked to my dad about it, however he thinks it is no big problem. Also, he just tells my stepsister to leave the thermostat alone. This air conditioner in addition to my stepsister will be the death of me.

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