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I shouldn’t hesitate

I hate space heaters. Yet I have one in my mother’s living room.  The first time I came into contact with a space heater was when our dad had purchased one to help supplement the heat in her house.  They were doing some remodelling but the up-to-date heating and air Conditioning wasn’t yet installed. They still have some ductwork to install, and they needed a space furnace just for the living room, where they were basically living for another week.  One evening, they were enjoying television, and Dad heard a small pop. When Mom and Dad looked over, there was fuel squirting out of the space heater. It had spattered onto the curtains over the patio doors plus it was on my mom’s slippers. Wherever the fuel landed, there were flames heading toward it. The fire was spreading.  Dad ripped mom’s slippers off her feet, and then herded her out the door. That evening, they lost the home they had lived in for almost forty years. They had worked their hearts out to finally get the house as they wanted it but because of a single little space heater, everything they had worked for went up in flames in minutes.  I was looking at the space furnace in my mom’s room, and I almost got rid of it. That’s when I read the disclaimer on the side. It had no open flames, and it never got hot to the touch. Plus if it tipped over, it would automatically turn off. I felt better about the space heater, but I know I need to get her an electric heater, even if it does cost more to use.

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