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There’s many parts to the heater

My fiance and I lived in this old house, and the two of us had been talking about getting a new heating & A/C system for almost a full year.  She and I had been smelling some strange smell from the air vents, and whenever the heating & A/C system turned on, the we would hear some unusual grinding sounds.  We phoned the local heating & A/C business and asked if they could come out and inspect the furnace and give us an inkling as to what we should do. When they showed up, they confirmed our worst fears.  They told us that the furnace was too old to fix, and we required a new unit. We were doing a lot of remodelling over the last year, and I particularly wanted to install central air conditioning. My fiance didn’t love the old air duct that was in the house, and she wanted to change it all out.  They were telling us about flexible air duct, and all odd kinds of furnaces, and my fiance was getting a bit upset. She had worked in heating & A/C for along time, and the two of us chose to go shopping for a new furnace and an air conditioning unit. Once we found the component she particularly wanted, we then bought it.  We had a new oil burning boiler system so we had hot water heat. We were then able to get rid of the air duct, and we would have pipes going through the apartment for the heating. My fiance and i then found a ductless air conditioning component for the house. It took him a while to install everything, but when the inspector showed up, she was impressed with the work.

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