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The air conditioner is bringing the chill in

Only a few years ago, my wife and I went to a family picnic. I had forgotten my sunblock and by the time we all left the picnic, my shoulders were too sore to touch. I could already feel the tightness in my face, so I knew that I had a awful sunburn. I couldn’t wait to turn the A/C on in the car, so I could soothe my poor skin. When I sat down on the seat, I realized that the back of my legs, were also fried. When the two of us got home, plus my wife pulled out the vinegar and aloe to help soothe the burn. The A/C was on high, as she poured vinegar all over my back and legs, then patiently waited for me to gently ease myself onto my back. The vinegar went all over my chest. It took a lot of the burn out, but I believe the A/C was doing more for my burn than the vinegar. After the vinegar dried, she applied the aloe to help heal my skin. I spent three afternoons with the air conditioner on full blast, praying that nobody would touch me. I was so grateful that I didn’t need to get dressed for work, because we were on vacation. On the third morning I began to shiver, so I went to the dermatologist. I had developed sun poisoning, and I was going to need medication. She also warned me about skin cancer from getting too much sun.  I will never forget my sunscreen again! The two of us now have most of the family picnics at our home, where there is a pavillion that is totally enclosed with a portable A/C to help keep us cool.

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