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This past winter, my family found itself in quite a conundrum. My wife and I took the youngsters out to a remote lodge in the wilderness for some peace and quiet out in nature. We adore the outside, and this lodge was far enough far away from civilization that we could all of sled, ski, and play in the snow without the bothersome of nosy neighbors or fellow visitors. My wife was stoked about the lodge’s massive stone fireplace which we could use for heating. She thought that this old fashioned heating system was really charming. I thought it was antiquated. The little wintry lodge also sported a full heating and cooling system. I happily turned the thermostat up to its maximum heat setting and ran out to play with the snow with our kids. Frankly, I was interested in skiing and sledding outside in this winter wonderland. By the time our stay at the lodge was over, I had developed more respect for the old-fashioned fireplace  There was an intense winter storm during the second night we were there at the lodge. All of the power lines were knocked out completely, and if we had not had that old fireplace to heat us up, we would have frozen. I stopped teasing my wife for adoring the fireplace and helped her light a fire in it instead. We used the already stacked wood which in the mudroom to keep us warm and cozy all night. It wasn’t a grand new furnace, but it worked!

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