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That was tough

Kindness and patience will always be better than rudeness and impatience. This is something that I encountered not too long ago when I had my air conditioning unit serviced. My home is located in region that experiences all seasons, and we have recently entered the warmer temperatures that springtime brings. Traditionally, I do not run my air conditioning this early in the year, but I found it necessary with such warm temperatures of late, coupled with sweating around my garden every day. I typically schedule a local HVAC technician visit to give my air conditioner an intensive servicing before I begin to use it in the spring and summertime. However, this year that was not the case and apparently it had some suffered some damage in the previous season. My air conditioner was out of commission and I wanted to get an experienced heating and cooling technician to service it right away. I called the downtown heating and cooling business and the kid who answered sounded tired and slow. I could feel myself getting impatient with him as he took quite some time to record my information. The technician that ultimately arrived at my house, however, was diligent and professional. I tried my best to be nice to him and was very patient and understanding. It was actually rather difficult to be impatient with him when he took a rather long time make sure that all of his repairs were just perfect. I was thrilled with his work by the end in the day, though, and made sure he knew how much he was appreciated. It’s far more gratifying to be kind instead of rude.

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