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I’m okay with all of this

Of all our siblings, my sister has been the most adventurous child I’ve ever seen, and forever chasing an adrenaline rush, she’s not colored her hair and let it go to completely gray.  She’s served multiple tours with the Army as well as Navy. And during her gaps in deployment, she’s taken on every thrill-seeking activity she could find – deep sea scuba diving, skydiving, bungee jumping as well as even dabbled in stock car racing.  I suppose a lot of her willingness to do dangerous stuff stems from her childhood, which was full of danger and disaster. I’ll constantly remembering when I was trying to repair our a/c at home; While my other siblings were playing outside, my sister sat there eyeballing me as I tinkered with the condenser unit.  The power was off, or so I thought, as well as my sister kept asking to help in some way or another. However after saying “no” about thirty times, I gave in as well as said she could help me hose down the unit when I was done. I went inside to get some rags to clean up our mess and when I came back outside, my sister was putting the unit together herself! Not disappointing for an young girl to do.  But the most incredible thing was that I had not realized the power had been turned back on! Before I could come outside to yell this to my sister, she’d already screwed on the lid of the unit. She looked at me smiling, as well as asked where the hose was. I couldn’t help but smile myself! My mother and siblings were terrified of being shocked, so much that they wouldn’t dare touch the toaster. Meanwhile, my little sister had no hesitation in handling heavy metal as well as putting a condenser back together. I suppose that’s when I knew she was going to go far in her life.

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