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Waiting for the rain

My girlfriend plus I got engaged about 12 months ago, however we’re nearly 3 weeks away from the wedding, which means the onslaught of wedding expos, dress shopping, tux fittings, floral samples, plus cake tastings are finally at an end, and now the most fun pieces remain – the wedding shower, where each one of our pals gets a bunch of stuff to help us get by, plus the bachelor and bachelorette parties, where every one of our buddies get an afternoon or two with our close friends to let loose plus have some fun! The wedding shower was first, of course. At the shower, my lady plus I received all kinds of goodies. Most of them were useful tools or appliances for the house, however one gift that was given to us blew my mind! It was this oscillating fan, however nothing like the classic propeller fans you always see, this looked like a type of space heater, but had an internal cooling plan that absolutely cooled the air that it pushed out! You could even set the temperature output on the fan since it had a temperature control onboard. Just like a large a/c, the air conditioning system used evaporator coils housing refrigerant to cool the air on its way out. This thing was awesome! However, I was wary – I heard this kind of device can still run your electric bill through the roof. That’s when I saw it had a power-saving mode, where it minimized the cooling system’s use while still emitting cold air. I couldn’t wait to try this thing out in our bedroom, plus when I did, I was so ecstatic and amazed by how effective and super quiet this thing was. I could hear everything I played on our piano, plus keep my cool.

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