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My heater is the main problem

My own furnace finally died on me. I am actually happy with this since I hate my gas furnace. It was super outdated, dented and it made unpleasant noises. The HVAC company also charged me a lot money to service and tune up the gas furnace. I’d personally dread the upcoming, expensive heating system repair bill. I started looking around for a new heating system. I had no idea what was new on the market for heating systems. All I knew I did not want another gas furnace. The older boiler, gas and forced out air systems were not energy efficient. Also a gas heater is often a fire and safety risk. If not serviced properly carbon monoxide or sparks can cause damage, fire or even death.  I looked into a boiler system nonetheless, but a standard gas boiler system is cost $4,000. My budget wouldn’t allow for that. A heating pump system can’t handling the heating capabilities I require. I live in a very cold climate. I then found what I believe is the best heating system on the market. Feeling excited, as I read more about heated flooring. I want to enjoy radiant flooring in my home. Heating flooring was perfect it was energy efficient, low maintenance, and not expensive to install. The savings alone would pay for the new system overtime. The heat does not rise to one’s ceilings and waste energy. Additionally, you don’t have dust circulating in the air ruining the quality. The heated coils came in a few different styles. After doing my research on heated flooring, I knew this was what I wanted for my home.

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