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Who is going to help me out?

I have no sympathy for anyone living down south.  Living my whole life in the way northern region has definitely made me bitter. I have dealt with cold temperatures down to thirty below zero. I have used a shovel to literally haul the snow off of the car. I have driven in zero visibility , when cars were spinning off the road. Southerners complain about feeling too hot. How dare they complain about excess heat in their location? I would trade anything to be too hot. It seems like every season I am chilly and need to rely on the furnace. The moment the trees shed their leaves, I need to start up the gas furnace. The heating system then costs me a fortune throughout the long months of Winter.  The Spring season just means it is slushy snow and mud. I still have to run the gas furnace and wear boots all season long. Summer finally allows the gas furnace to be shut off. There is no need for cooling or heating. The hottest temperature I remember around here is a blamy 90 degrees. In the south, their Wintertime weather is like Summer for me. They pretend to need their furnaces and wear wool coats for the fun of it. How dare they presume to understand winter weather! They should be forced to get by with space heaters to understand cold. In the Summer, they starting complaining about being too hot. I don’t even bother to wear sunblock and get by with fans. Yes, they use A/C all summer long. They should be happy about it. They can always go to the beach, at anytime of year.  They can have parties outside, no matter the season.

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