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I don’t know what to do

I have a rare ability to handle extremely stressful and important situations with ease. Because of this I gained a promotion at work.  The promotion meant a major increase in pay, a higher title within the business, and I would need to transfer to a current location. I was forced to move to a town much further north, which is known for its brutal weather conditions.  The outside temperature would often drop well below zero, and would consistently snow. At first, I assumed I could assimilate to the weather. At first I hoped I’d come to love the frosty and snow, and take advantage of the certain winter activities.  I suddenly figured out that I do not like being outside in this horrible weather. I don’t savor ice skating, skiing or snowmobiling in this cold climate. I realized that I love to stay in a house, with direct access to a temperature control and a gas furnace.  Unfortunately, the biweekly heating bills were putting a serious drain on my monthly budget. I can’t seem to stop from bumping up the temperature control a few degrees. The oil furnace runs non stop, at maximum capacity, and yet I’m constantly shivering. I never realized that in order to live in this ungodly frosty temperature I’ve needed to invest in a wool coat, heavy boots, ice scraper, snow shovel, hat and gloves.  I have bought tons of jackets and dress in layers, however I can’t keep warm. I had hoped to lessen the workload on the oil furnace by getting out of the house. I thought I could advantage of the heating at malls, Tim Hortons Latte shops or the theater. After I’ve spent half an hour shoveling the driveway, brushing snow off of my car, scraping the windshield and letting the oil furnace run, I don’t believe the snow is going anywhere.  I’d love to just huddle up against a supply vent and savor the efforts of the oil furnace.

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