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I made a big mistake last night when I had my family over. My three brothers and their women all came over to my house for dinner. I put out the whole spread too. I made my famous shrimp pasta, baked cheese bread, tossed a salad and made a ton of white russians. It was a really great night, except for my heater settings. This week has around 30 degrees during the day and then drops to around 10 degrees at night. I did not want anymore to be uncomfortable in my house. So what I did was set the thermostat with the heater at a balmy 72 degrees. If anything, them being a little hot sounded good. It would only be for a few hours, I could spare the extra heating cost. Well, I was an idiot and did not realize how much heating the oven would put off. I fry the shrimp in a pan too. So the oven and frying pan emitting heat into my air. Also with eight of us packed in my little house, the body heat added some warmth. Combine all this with a heater set to an extremely high temperature for Winter, it was a hot box. I thought it was just me due to all the running around. Then I noticed everybody was covered in sweat. By the time I turned down the heater, everybody was ready to go. My house then became a comfy temperature by the time everyone left and I cleaned up. I know they all left early too because of my heater.

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