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We are nice and warm

I live in the northern area of the country, and the weather is a constant challenge.  We experience sub-zero temperatures and tons of snow in the winter. We also deal with brutal heat and humidity in the summer.  Spring and fall are usually wet, windy and chilly. Since we rely on some type of temperature control nearly all year round, we spend a fortune on monthly energy bills.  I’m regularly searching for new ways to trim costs. I’ve increased the level of insulation in the walls and ceilings, upgraded windows and installed overhead ceiling fans.  I’ve invested in a smart control unit, and just recently upgraded my heating and cooling system to controlled zones. Zone control simply required putting a series of valves in the ductwork, allowing me to direct heated or cooled air.  I no longer need to maintain a constant temperature throughout the whole house. Each room can be set to a customized temperature. Rooms that tend to get too hot in the summertime are able to be cooled without cranking up the A/C. Those rooms that are chilly in the winter benefit from a little extra heat.  I can conserve energy by not wasting air on empty spaces. And my family can personalize comfort in their bedrooms. The zoning system also promotes superior air quality. Keeping the zones separate prevents the air from traveling all around and spreading contaminants. We also like superior comfort and convenience.  While there is an independent control component in each zone, they are all linked to the smart control unit. Because I have access to the smart control component through my cellphone, I can make the changes I want.

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