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My wife, Pam, and I purchased an up-to-date apartment a little over a year ago.  Before we purchased the locale, I hired a Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning business to assess the system.  I knew that a thorough cleaning and adjustment would maximize efficiency, reliability and system longevity. Pam and I moved into the house at the start of August.  Both of us had a few renovation projects planned. She and I spent the next eight weeks ripping up worn out carpets, tearing down plaster walls, sanding moulding, replacing lights, and painting.  We installed up-to-date windows, replaced toilets, and installed a ceramic tile floor in a bathroom. Because of all of the dust and fumes, Pam and I kept the windows wide open. Rather than waste the air conditioning system, we chose fresh air.  Without the A/C on, the house was hot and sticky. It was great when the projects were finished and we started the air conditioning system. The cool air lasted for a week before we noticed a change. Both of us kept lowering the temperature control, but it didn’t improve.   When it finally quit entirely, I called the same HVAC people for service. The repairwoman showed my wife and I the buildup of dust in the vents and recommended a complete duct cleaning. She said that we should have covered the vents before starting our remodeling work.

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