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The middle of a storm

The last couple years, I have relied on an air source heat pump to heat my home in the winter and cool it in the summer, my air source heat pump is perfect for my home and the surrounding climate. Because I live in a relatively mild climate, the heat pump keeps me comfy all throughout the year.  Like all Heating and A/C units, it needs to be serviced to make sure it’s running in a healthy, efficient manner. I make sure it’s checked by a Heating and A/C technician at least once a year, even if it seems to be running perfectly, heating and A/C technicians look for many things when they’re inspecting air source heat pumps.  They check for any leaks, they ensure their is proper air flow, check the motor plus the unit’s belts, plus see if the ducts are clean. If there any complications with my heat pump, the Heating and A/C specialist will catch them before they become a bigger problem. Because I use my air source heat pump all year, I usually have it checked twice a year just in case.  Our Heating and A/C provider also has an emergency service I can call if the weather is ever drastic and I’m experiencing complications with the heat pump. One thing I can do personally is change my heat pump’s filter as needed, usually once every four weeks. This helps make sure that my air source heat pump isn’t working harder than it has to, or blowing pollutants around the home; This quick, easy task also keeps my heat pump working efficiently.  I enjoy the comfort my heat pump provides me with, that’s why I really try to take of it.

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