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Ten years ago, for mother’s day, my children got me a portable cooling system.  I was kind of expecting a shirt or some new shoes, and I knew they’d spent far too much money on the cooling system.  I also feared that I’d ever use the cooling unit and that would be rude. Our family lives in an area that usually gets short warm season seasons, so mostly I’ve typically managed just good by opening the windows or running table fans.  Although some mornings were a bit uncomfortable and sweaty, I survived. In my new car, I don’t even bother to run the cooling system, because I really don’t like the feeling of the chilly air hitting us in the face. Although I tried to persuade with them, our children insisted on installing the portable cooling system into our study room window.  I was happy about how compact the component was, plus our children had it in location, hooked up to the electric and running within about 30 minutes. I had to admit that I loved the cool air always circulating around our study room and felt beautiful. I now would never try to get by without our wonderful portable cooling system. As soon as the spring comes, I install it into our study room window, and all summer I operate it every night until winter season returns.  Even when the outside weather is not hot, I run the cooling system on it’s lowest speed to hear the noise, and get air filtration, and circulation. The cooling system keeps our room less humid, and the air is healthier. Plus the unit effectively dehumidifies. Our family no longer deals with traffic fumes, pollen, road grit, barking puppies, or early-morning robins. So we sleep far better, and my children hate to get out of bed in the afternoon. My cooling system features a smart remote control that is the greatest perk.  We usually don’t even need to get up to make changes to the fan speed or lower the temperature.


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