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I used my extra funds

I live in a section of the country that experiences harsh weather challenges.  During the winter season, we’re faced with temperatures well below zero, with unmanageable amounts of snow and harsh wind chill effects.  In the summer, the temperature often climbs into the triple digits. The humidity can be unbearable. Springtime is honestly unpredictable; it can be anything from damp, to frigid, to blisteringly hot.  Since there is rarely a time when the weather is mild and pleasant, temperature control is a major consideration. Trying to maintain a comfortable apartment all year round is a large drain on the budget.  My husband Andrew and I spent a large sum of money in order to install an effective energy heating/cooling system. Both of us chose a “dual fuel” idea because it delivers maximum cost savings all year round.  A dual fuel idea is the combination of an electric heat pump, plus a gas furnace. Combining several separate components requires a giant initial investment for both purchase and installation. However, once the idea is up and running, it pays for itself.  The heat pump runs the majority of the year, providing affordable cooling in the summertime and energy efficient heating during wintertime when the temperature can be frigid. At that point, the furnace automatically takes over, handling even the harshest weather.   Because the heat pump costs far less to operate, it lowers our annual energy bill, while also reducing wear-and-tear on the furnace. The heat pump offers exceptional dehumidification in cooling mode as well, meaning it won’t overly dry the air in heating mode.

heat pump unit 

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