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We are in a rough spot

The drunkest I’ve ever been in my life is in a rum store on holiday. You see, I went to the tropics with my family and we all got sunburned on the first morning! To get out of the sizzling sun, we agreed to go shopping. We purchased matching T-shirts, funny playing cards, and hot pretzels while out shopping. Then my sister stumbled upon a rum shop that gives out free samples and had central air conditioning; Since my family is full of greedy people, we all loved the sound of that store. So we ended up walking around, taking free shots, and enjoying the cool air. Newly 21 and a non drinker, it proved to be a poor combination for me. I ended up drinking way too many shots of rum and getting hammered. But I blame the cooling in the rum store. After being so severely sunburned, the shop’s air conditioning felt so nice on my skin. The other places where we stopped at had no cooling at all! In fact, most of the stores were totally exposed with no cover. They consisted of little racks set up with random stuff so the sun still touched my skin and it hurt! So, being shaded with air conditioning made me never want to leave the rum shop. I guess that is why I kept tasting rum. Well, I ended up so drunk that I was swaying and I nearly fell down. I actually bought around six bottles of different rum from the store owner. I soaked up so much of her air conditioning, I figured it was the least I could do. My family got a kick out of me being super hammered at midday.

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