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There are big problems here

I get really excited when my partner goes on a work trip. She usually leaves for a long weekend, which means I have the place to myself for a couple days! So I blast rock music all day long, I watch masculine motion pictures, and I stay up as late as I want. I also use those times to do things that I’m pretty sure my partner would not like. She is not there to chastise me, you see, so I figure no harm no foul. For example, I keep all the lights on to keep robbers away, even though I know that’s expensive. I also do odd diets; sometimes I basically just eat salad. But my favorite thing to do is crank the HVAC to the temperature I want. Unfortunately, my partner is super cheap when it comes to heating and cooling our place. In the winter, we barely use our heating system; if we do, it is at a low setting. In the summer, too, A/C is a luxury that we usually are not allowed! When my partner leaves for a trip, though, I totally use the HVAC. In the wintertime, I turn the temperature control up to at least 70 degrees and just let the heating system run. In the summertime I use the air conditioning every day whenever I feel too warm. I use the A/C during the night to help me sleep as well. Plus, I lower the temperature on the temperature control when I work out. I then adjust the AC again after I take a shower. This is a bit costly and isn’t fantastic for the HVAC, but a few mornings of being indulgent won’t matter too much in terms of our energy bills. The key is to get the HVAC system back to normal when my partner comes back from her work trip.

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