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This is a great heater

There are certainly pros and cons to residing in a fairly remote area of the country. On the plus side, I can hunt, fish or kayak in total seclusion. I spend afternoons during which I don’t even utter a sound, and it’s great. But one downside of being so hidden and remote is that most corporations cannot locate me. I am quite far from the nearest village, so I have to order everything online. Seriously, most delivery vans can’t even find my house in the woods. However, the worst is when I need any type of service performed. Usually I end up doing it myself. For example, in the middle of winter once I needed to contact a heating service when my furnace simply would not turn on. So I called the nearest heating business, gave them very detailed instructions, then waited outside for them. Well, I waited all day but they never showed. I then called the HVAC provider back to learn they had become lost. In fact, I tried for the better part of a week to get any HVAC corporation around to come over. Most would not even attempt the repair due to my location. Other technicians got lost, went to the wrong place or would not even return my call. So I finally had to fix the gas furnace service all by myself. I took off the main vent to the gas furnace, and then I proceeded to vacuum inside of it. I then oiled the furnace blower, dusted the heat exchanger, and inserted a new furnace filter. I also wiped down everything within reach. Well, that did the trick! Fortunately, I got it back in business. Still, I live in fear of the day that it turns off for good. I have definitely proven no heating corporation will come to help me!

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