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Currently, I have a couple of residences. However, I am in the process of downsizing to have only one. You see, I am planning to move down south to live there full time. Frankly, I just love the sunshine! I also enjoy my busy life and my house down there. The house has a lot of brand new furniture as well as a massive four-poster bed with silk sheets. In addition, I splurged for a ductless HVAC. I got a ductless mini split heating and cooling device, plus each room in my house has an indoor air handler equipped with its own control component. This means that I can set the living room to have air conditioning, the living room to have heating, and my home office to have nothing if I so desire. And they don’t affect one another at all! Not only does this increase my comfort, it also decreases my bills. It is cheaper not to supply heating or air conditioning to the whole house, because that way, rooms that don’t get used are left to their own devices. I am quite pleased with my house in the south and I know my pleasure is mainly derived from having HVAC zone control. In contrast, my northern home is just not as enjoyable all around. The house requires many repairs since it’s pretty old. Also, most of the furniture was given to me by my generous parents but I don’t particularly like it. My bed is very small and the sheets are uncomfortable. In addition, I don’t have any A/C, only a gas fireplace. The fireplace is noisy because it’s slowly dying. I can’t wait to sell that house and hand it over to someone else. In short, I want to have quality HVAC service and a better life all year long.

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