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I would like some peace of mind

 I have always been given great advice by my wife and I really follow that advice about half of the time, and it’s not for any misogynistic reasons I don’t listen to her. Honestly, I tend to not listen to anybody who tries to give me advice. I have consistently felt my way of looking at things is the respected way, and that most people are wrong wherever they deviate from my way of thinking. Recently my wifey was proved to be the smarter of us both, and it all revolves around a burglary.

            I do a quite a bit of custom automobile work out of my garage. The custom work has grown so much over the past year and a half that I am seriously considering leaving my day job and doing this full time. I adore working on cars. Making someone’s automobile custommed to their interests and desires is really the most fun I can have when it comes to performing labor. Anyway, my wifey has been after me for months to get a condo security method installed, to ensure the safety our condo and garage.

             I thought the plan was ridiculous… Both of us live in the suburbs, have close relationships with our neighbors, and live in a low crime area… So imagine my shock when the garage was broken into and a couple thousand dollars in tools was taken. Both the police and my wifey chastised me for not installing a security system, which I think they were right about.


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