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We’re loving the plumbing

Generally, the two of us work on remodeling our own places. When the two of us purchased several acres of land in the southern area, the two of us also found an abandoned home. Both my husband plus all of myself have a grown up working on our own projects, so we were excited to start our very first remodeling project in the beach house. The beach house was three bedrooms with one bath, and the two of us wanted to add a second bathroom off of our laundry room. The two of us carefully gutted the room, so that we could begin from scratch without all of the drains and water pipes. It was a lot of work to install the many water lines and drainage pipes, and that work was certainly labor-intensive. Once that was certainly Insight, the two of us laid down our tile floor and hung the drywall. The two of us were surprised by how much money we had spent, even though we didn’t even pay for a licensed plumber or contractor. When the two of us hooked up our new efficient toilet, the two of us quickly realized that water was generally spraying all over the back of the wall. The two of us knew for sure there was a leak, which meant having to tear the wall apart again in order to find the problem. This whole bathroom remodel was terribly frustrating, plus we would likely hire a plumbing contractor if we were going to do this type of work again in the near future.

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