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I worry about the pipes

My teenagers are currently obsessed with all things Shakespeare. In fact, they’ve been reading books about him, watching documentaries focused on him, and have even been acting out small scenes from her plays so they can film themselves. One of their absolute favorite works of Shakespeare has turned out to be the sinister Macbeth. My oldest daughter just can’t get enough of Lady Macbeth and those creepy witches. Actually, she recently talked her younger sibling into helping her put on a live production of one of her very favorite scenes. As I was the audience, I got a front row seat to the show. You can imagine my surprise when my seven-year-old, Angie, said in a somewhat creepy voice, “Bubble, bubble, toilet trouble!” Well, I laughed so hard I nearly fell off the couch. She wanted to know what was so funny to me, so I explained that it wasn’t “toilet trouble,” it was “toil and trouble.” She was initially shocked; however, then she said that she guessed it made more sense that way. She had been wondering why there were all these witches in the play yet no plumbers. She said that if a play is going to be about toilet trouble, it should at least have a plumber as one of its primary characters, ideally as the hero. My oldest daughter informed her that in Shakespeare’s day, they didn’t even have indoor plumbing at all, so toilet trouble back then would have taken on an entirely new meaning! I told them that if you do have toilet trouble in the real world, your emergency plumber definitely turns out to be the hero!

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