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You can’t wait anymore

My nextdoor neighbor Dan and I don’t get along at all. You see, Dan wanted to be best friends, whereas I wanted to be left alone. Frankly, the two of us have gotten into a ton of fights over the years, most of them over our respective properties. We have slight disagreements over where exactly our property line is. So I usually mow as close to his condo as I can get to determine my property line. But the other day, I made a sizable error. I bought a modern lawnmower that is known for being very powerful and fast. I decided to use it to whip around the yard to finish mowing my lawn. When I got to the property line, however, I really did not realize how close our dwellings are to each other. I also didn’t quite realize how big the mower was. Anyway, I ended up whipping through that slim passage and accidentally clipping Dan’s outdoor air compressor with her HVAC. Dan has a ductless HVAC component for his condo, you see. There are many indoor air handler units in his condo that supply heating and cooling. There is then a sole outdoor unit, with the ductless mini split, that controls everything. Well, I rammed right into the outdoor HVAC component and totally smashed it. Of course, I should have apologized and told Dan what happened. But instead I just put away my mower immediately and hid inside my house. So far he has not noticed the damage to the outdoor HVAC component. I did clean up the evidence, but I’m thinking the indoor units will not work any longer to provide temperature control.

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