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Working long hours

My office groups a set of five people in cubicles in a shared area of the building. You see, the office has a HVAC zone control system! Each section of the building has its own indoor air handler and temperature control unit. Each group then gets to decide the temperature control program for their section. So as a group, you can decide on how much heating, cooling or nothing you want just for your section and not affect the other employees. Now, in theory that sounds like a good idea, because HVAC zone control is an energy efficient way to supply temperature control. In addition, allowing each group to choose their temperature control program is an ideal way to keep the peace. However, the office did not group us based on HVAC preferences as they should have. They just grouped random groups of five people. And frankly, I do not like my cubicle group. First of all, none of us can agree on a temperature. Stella wants to constantly have the A/C on, all day and every day. Whether it’s summer or winter, Stella is always wanting a/c. She must be going through menopause, as she refuses to have heating on when a hot flash occurs. Bill wants the furnace on all the time though. Bill will sneak the furnace on when Stella is not looking. And Danny figured out how to change the temperature control from his iPad. Plus, John is always changing the temperature control. As for me, I just want a consistent temperature. Heating, cooling or nothing, I don’t care as much as my coworkers. I just need to know what to expect when I get to work so that I know how to dress.

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