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I am happy about the cold weather

Is there anything worse than getting into your car during the cold winter and being cold until the car warms up? Yes, there is something worse. It is when your car furnace doesn’t work at all! A few months back, our car’s furnace shut off completely. I knew it was on its way out when it started producing weak air power. The car did not warm up even after running for twenty or so hours at a time. When it turned off completely, I was devastated. I live in a very cold region of the country, so I depend on a car very heavily. Being that the heater broke on me during the middle of winter, I was struggling to get by whenever I drove some place. I started dressing in heavy, heavy layers to help ease the pain of the cold weather. I used hand warmers. I would switch each hand between the steering wheel and the hand warmers as often as I could. Eventually, I stopped driving altogether. I avoided driving whenever possible plus bribed people to pick me up instead. I even resorted to calling a taxi a few times. I was left with several choices: maintenance my car’s furnace or buy a new car. My car was already twelve years old, so I wasn’t convinced that it would last very long if I tried fixing the existing heater. I decided to go to a dealership and look into buying a new car. I found some affordable possibilities and chose to finance a used car. Needless to say, I am much more comfortable in the new car. It warms up within a few minutes and keeps me toasty while I drive.

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