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Radon is something to worry about

A few days back, I purchased a house off the auction block plus I’ve had nothing but concerns with the house ever since. I should have known when the bidding started off real low, although I just couldn’t help myself plus was able to grab the location up for a seriously low cost. When it was all said plus done, I knew I would have to dump a bunch of money plus labor into it, however it is a larger lake house with a few bedrooms, several bathrooms, a garage, a nice yard, plus a bit of good furniture, however see, I flip houses for my income so when I see an old rundown location like the one we are talking about, I see the potential to make some money plus fix up a nice old apartment for a new family to have. This apartment was going to be a big pain from the start, although I didn’t know it would be this much of a hardship. I have had to replace pretty much all of the stuff from the tom down to the bottom in the basement. There were cracks all over the area plus when I set up a radon gas detector, the dial shot through the roof. I had to call in a supplier that deals with in radon gas mitigation just to figure out a plan to deal with it. They told me that patching all the cracks, I should install a sub-slab ventilation plan to draw the radon from underneath the house. All I heard was more money, more time, and a lot more effort, which is what I won’t have any of if this keeps going on.

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