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Radon is a real threat

I am the proud owner and operator of a nearby contracting corporation serving the greater statewide location. I deal with every portion of beach home repair, service, and enhancement, and have been doing so for the past few years. In my time as a business, I have seen it all, and have gotten some handy tools to live by when it comes to your home. 1st, if there is bacteria anywhere, get it taken care of. Not only can bacteria be a concern for your health, but it grows super fast, and  isa gross thing to look at. Over time, if not taken care of, the bacteria will break down the wood ceiling that act as supports for your home pushing the whole home to the ground. Next, make sure to have a radon gas detector in your lower levels. For some reason, you only hear about C02 checkers in ads on TV, and radon gas can be just as horrible in the long haul. You can’t detect it through eyes, nose or ears, but if you breathe enough of it in you can get lung cancer. You can’t be too mindful with this stuff, but, if you do have radon gas in your house there are businesses that can get rid of it pretty quickly. Radon makes its way in through tears in the foundation. Patching those cracks and airing out the basement can suffice in many instances to rid a whole home of radon. Periodically a sub-slab air vent method is needed to get rid of the radon out from under your house, but those aren’t too much money either.

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