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It’s hard to stay calm

I have been honestly working at a hair salon since I was in middle school. I started off just being the receptionist; however, after honestly working there for numerous years I decided I wanted to go to school for cosmetology. I got our degree after a year and a half. Then started honestly working at the salon full time as a hairdresser. I have been doing hair now for an about five years now, and I have a great customer base built up. I have consistently known that I wanted to go off on our own, but I was too worried to make the jump and honestly do it. Well, last year, I decided it was time for me to branch off from the salon I am currently honestly working at and start our own. I have a single other boy that is willing to come with me. I found a section that is perfect for the new salon; however, it will need to have some major renovations done before all of us will be able to open for business. The first and most crucial thing that needs to be redone is the Heating & Air Conditioning system. I spoke with a local Heating & Air Conditioning company, and they said since the building is so old the Heating & Air Conditioning method is particularly outdated. I knew this would be fancy; however, it would be worth it in the end, our clients are going to expect that all of us have a properly honestly working Heating & Air Conditioning method in our new salon, and I don’t want to supply anything however perfection for our new business.

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