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I’m not sure what we should do

In my family, the people I was with and I are all immense baseball fans. For my partner’s anniversary last year, I bought us all tickets for a local major league baseball game so the family could go downtown to see our favorite teams play ball! If you’ve ever been to a major sporting event, you will already know that 1 of the worst parts is standing in the line for the powder room! And this game was the same way! Since I have numerous youngsters, I always spend a lot of time in powder room lines! Unfortunately, more than half of the stalls in the women’s restroom had “Out of Order” signs hanging on them so it was slow going! The worst space wasn’t even sitting in line. The worst space was the fact that the heating units seemed to be malfunctioning. So not only were the girls and I all sitting in line for twenty minutes at a time, but the heating ducts above our heads were blasting warm air down on our heads the whole time! The restroom attendant apologized to us for heating troubles. It was baseball season, after all. The HVAC should have been pouring air conditioning from the air vents, not really heating! Usually when you’re at a major league ballgame, it’s entirely warm outside. That’s because the sun’s usually beating down on you while you’re out in the stands plus you sit out there wishing for a portable cooling system. The only relief from the heat that you get is when you go inside to use their powder rooms! So the people I was with and I were immensely bummed that not only was the air conditioning not working whatsoever, but that the heating system most certainly seemed to be running instead! It wasn’t exactly the ballgame experience the family and I were hoping for!

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