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The term social butterfly or people magnet is not uttered often with my name in mind. I am a sure fire introvert who will keep to myself for the most part of any gathering, until recently, that is. In an off moment of crazy, I, now,  have about 6 neighborhood tweens as my constant companions, whether I want this or do not. I saw it start when our area started a rough streak of over 90 degree weather for the past several months, which was unusual. As summertime moved into our region pretty fast, the pounding hot sunshine and insane high humidity amounted to staggeringly warm and seriously muggy days. So, I found that many of the residents in my area were no properly prepared for this warm weather streak. It became a clear idea when there was a dangerous cooling system plan short-out in our town and the three surrounding towns. Too many families were evacuating to established safe havens hours away. My home, in the meantime, was perfectly chilled and comfortable despite the overwhelming outdoor heat going on. I was glad to have gotten my whole central cooling plan upgraded with the most powerful as well as energy efficient model on the HVAC market. Really, it was working beautifully to manage my indoor air conditions as I needed them too. One day I was so shocked to view outside the crowd of children lounging around my pool, drenched in gross sweat. I was very startled, followed by a strong annoyance at first. But, on second look, the kiddos looked so unhappy  that I invited them all inside my cooling. After a moment of experiencing my fancy new AC, they looked like real and genuine children again. It’s been over two months now, & the weather hasn’t let up a bit. At this point my home has become a literal teenager clubhouse to homeless youth. I’m at peace a new found central hub for the neighborhood, however this is getting a little ridiculous, if you ask me.

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