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Making sure the air conditioner works

I’ve never really saw myself in school to be a real social butterfly or people magnet like my sister. I am a textbook introvert who tends to keep to myself most always. Though, recently, that is, I experienced a change. I have maybe five  neighborhood children as my constant sidekicks, whether I prefer it or not to be. Everything started when there was the beginning of a rough streak of over 85 degree weather for the past three weeks or so. As summertime moved into our area of the mountains, the streaming and constant sunshine was so insane that relative humidity amounted to staggeringly warm and muggy afternoons and nights. Apparently most of my residents on my block were not so well prepared for this heartwave. It became knowledge that everyone just had that there was a dangerous air conditioning plan shortage in our region as well, with endless families having to evacuate to established safe havens for health. My house, in the meantime, was perfectly cool and so very comfortable despite the overwhelming outdoor heat. I had been good about getting my whole central cooling plan replaced with the most powerful, yet very energy efficient model on the HVAC market. I could see how it was now working to manage my indoor air quality at high efforts. One day I was incredibly surprised to be able to walk outside only to view a gang of children lounging around my personal pool, drenched in stinky sweat. I was startled right off, disgruntled even, though the kiddos looked so upset that I invited them all inside to cool down a bit. After a moment of experiencing my nice and cold AC, they looked prefer absolutely new children to me. It’s been over a week now, with the weather not letting up. At this point my home has become a literal teenager hangout. I’m delighted to be a central hub of the neighborhood, but can you see how this is getting a little ridiculous overall.


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