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Everyone is hanging out here

I’ve never really thought of myself to be a real social bee or people person. I am a clearly known introvert and tend to keep to myself more than not. Well,  until recently, that is. All of a sudden I have about a group of neighborhood teens that our now constant magnets, whether I prefer it or not. It all began when there was a very rough pattern of over 90 degree weather for the past three months. As the summer season blew into our region, the pounding summer heat and unbelievable crazy humidity rose to staggeringly overheated and muggy days that were just awful. Apparently several of the residents in our town were not even prepared in the least for this early summer streak. Everyone was quite aware that there was a dangerous air conditioner short in our regions home stores, and several families were evacuating to much safer protected havens. My house at the time, was perfectly cool and comfortable despite the overwhelming outdoor heat and I was content. I had just had our whole central cooling system configured with the most powerful and efficient model available to the common man, and it was managing well to a balanced air quality. One morning I took a second look when I saw outside in my yard that a pile of children were lounging around my private pool, drenched in sweat. I was very surprised, but then disgruntled. Though, the kiddos looked so worn out that I invited them all inside. After a moment of experiencing our attractive replaced AC and cooling, they looked seemed very nice for children. It’s been a month now since that day, and the weather hasn’t let up one bit. At this point our beach house has become a literal teenager clubhouse that is getting known. I’m happy to be a central hub of the neighborhood, however this is getting a little ridiculous.

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