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The kids keep hanging out here

I’ve never considered myself to be a real social butterfly or people magnet. I am a textbook introvert and tend to keep to myself for the most part, until recently, that is. All of a sudden I have about 6 neighborhood kids as my constant companions, whether I like it or not. Everything started when we started a rough streak of over 90 degree weather for the past two months. As summer moved into our region, the pounding summer sun and insane relative humidity amounted to staggeringly hot and muggy days. Apparently many of the residents in my area were poorly prepared for this hot streak. It became common knowledge that there was a dangerous air conditioning system shortage in our region, and many families were evacuating to established safe havens. My house, meanwhile, was perfectly cool and comfortable despite the overwhelming outdoor heat. I had recently gotten my whole central cooling system replaced with the most powerful and efficient model on the market, and it was working wonderfully to manage my indoor air quality. One day I was surprised to ok outside and see a pile of children lounging around my pool, drenched in sweat. I was startled and disgruntled at first, but the kiddos looked so miserable that I invited them all inside. After a moment of experiencing my wonderful updated AC, they looked like entirely new children. It’s been a month now, and the weather hasn’t let up. At this point my house has become a literal teenager clubhouse. I’m happy to be a central hub of the neighborhood, but this is getting a little ridiculous.

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