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Every year, when the Winter finally gives way to sun and warmer temperatures I get infested with ladybugs. They congregate on my windows and there are lots of them. I vacuum several times per day and can’t keep up. While these bugs don’t do any damage to the home they are very aggravating. They get into my bedding, land in my hair and are everywhere. They also smell horrible. I am always cleaning out the filter of the vacuum cleaner and worry about wrecking it. When I had my HVAC unit professionally worked on in the Spring the HVAC  serviceman commented on the amount of ladybugs within the inner workings. By the time the weather warmed up enough to require A/C the ladybugs had disappeared. However when I started up the A/C unit it made a scary sound and gave only small amounts of cool air. Also the air smelled bitter. I recognized the smell from the ladybugs when I sucked them up into the vacuum cleaner. I instantly turned off the A/C unit and called the HVAC serviceman to come back. He once again took the A/C unit apart and found tons of bugs. He said there was a buildup of bugs inside the ductwork as well. These ladybugs have now cost me a fortune in HVAC repair and duct cleaning. I wish I could figure out a way to get rid of them however there doesn’t seem to be any preventive methods. I think that they have nested in my walls and I will l be stuck with them every Spring.

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