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The thermostat settings

It was always my dream to open a bakery in my hometown. It took me a while to save up enough money for a deposit and to find the perfect building for sale. I ended up purchasing an older brick building on Main Street which was ideal for my needs. There is a nice amount of parking, big front windows and the location is convenient for my customers. Because of the age of the building it required a lot of remodeling to be ready. I handled most of the labor myself in an effort to minimize expenses. Throughout the Spring  I refinished the floors, replaced the bathroom, upgraded the overhead lights and installed new appliances. I invested in a commercial oven and a cooler. I also bought display cases and set up counter section and installed comfortable tables and chairs. The only thing I didn’t consider was the condition of the HVAC system. My grand opening was to happen the first week in the August and the temperature climbed into the high eighties overnight. The night before my grand opening I lowered the thermostat and expected a rush of cool air. Instead I got hot, dusty air and a loud screeching sound. Worried about the loss of inventory and sweaty customers I immediately contacted a local HVAC company for an emergency repair. Fortunately the girl was able to come right over. Because of my circumstances she was willing to spend all night working on the old HVAC system. She had to clean all of the components and upgrade several parts. I was relieved when she was able to get the A/C working.

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