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A vibrant nightlife

Every night after I get home from work, I go out for a long walk. I have a route I typically follow, that takes me down every street in our neighborhood. Not only is it great for my overall health, but it also helps me stay relaxed after a stressful day. On top of that, it keeps me aware of what is going on around me. I see who is moving out or moving in, who keeps a neat turf, who litters in their yard, and all that sort of fun stuff that nosy neighbors enjoy. I’ve been trying to get my fiance to come along with me, although she always says the same thing every time. After a long day of labor she just wants the cooling power of our A/C unit. If there has ever been a human being more addicted to the frigid rush of an AC system, I haven’t met them! My fiance basically lives every hour in front of an air vent. She goes from our house to the air conditioned car, to her air conditioned office, plus back home! Even going out for an hour to walk around the warm but not overly hot afternoons is too much for her to take on. She has to be parked in front of the cooling system! Last month I played a dirty trick on her by taking the batteries out of the control unit to convince her the A/C was broken plus she should come walk with me. The whole thing backfired, plus instead of going out with me, she just sat in her car with the A/C running plus the engine idling. I think she would have stayed there all night long.

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