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I just got a condo and I am finally settled in with my wifey and our many youngsters. The weather has turned quite frigid so it’s time to have the heating taken care of and turned on. The problem is that there are multiple heating systems! The home is several stories and is equipped with a new boiler with seasoned radiators and newly installed ductless mini-cut units in every single room! I don’t have much experience with heating systems because we moved from a temperate climate where we basically never had to use the heating systems. There’s one thermostat on the first floor that controls the boiler and I can’t actually figure out how to program it. We spent quite a while trying to figure out the individual radiators in each room to make it so that the upstairs floors aren’t hotter or colder than the ground floor. So far, we haven’t had much luck. I don’t recognize how to do this efficiently. I suspect that the mini-cut heating systems are going to be more pricey to run than the boiler, so I don’t understand why the previous owners had them installed in so many rooms. When we obtained the house, the realtor would not stop raving about the comprehensive heating installed in the house. It sounded great to us, until we realized how much money we would be spending on our daily bills during the Wintertime. I might have to call a Heating and Air Conditioning professional out to help me understand the heating system. The last thing I need is a heating bill that is more expensive than my mortgage!

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