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Menopause issues and how to deal with it

Can I say it for the one hundredth time? Aging is just awful. I dislike it. Ok, I don’t dislike all of it. I just dislike the unusual stuff such as menopause. What the heck is this all about? As if having to deal with this our entire life, let’s throw this new wrench into the equation that makes it a thousand times worse. My fiance could never handle this in the least! I don’t guess if I’m overheated or frosty from one moment to the next. The frosty flashes are just as are just as awful as the overheated flashes for me. I spend more time in my automobile just driving around than ever before. That way I can blast the a/c or heat as long as I want without bothering anyone. Then when I am done with the overheated flash, I can turn the heating system up full blast to moderate back up. It is a non-stop vicious cycle of body an un-even temperature. But, I can’t live in my car. So, at the house, I now live in the guest room all alone My fiance just can’t handle my constant body temperature fluctuation. This way I have a portable electric heating system and a window box a/c. I literally go back and forth from heating to a/c all night. I am not sure how much more of this I can take right now. I am just hoping once I get through this period of my life, there is something glorious on the other side. I as if I deserve that after all that I have been through!

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