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I make different arrangements

Every instance I have been knocked up, it has been a little smoother than the time previous to it. After 5 kids, that’s saying a lot. This 1, number six, will be our final child. But I very much say that after every kid now. What can I say, I have been blessed with more than 2 ecstatic in addition to healthy children, plus I believe our hubby and I provide them a great life. As they say, the more the merrier, so this infant will make us happier than ever I think! At least, that’s what I need to keep telling myself for the next few years. One thing strange about this pregnancy is how freezing I’ve been getting, even without the cooling system operating. In fact I have to keep shutting off the A/C to keep from shivering, which bothers our hubby plus kids because they are still sweltering. The last pregnancy I had was the opposite, since I was felt overheated I kept the A/C at a genuinely freezing temperature but scolded anyone who tried to mess with our thermostat. The kids were wearing mittens around the house plus I was kneeling in front of the air vents covered in sweat. This time is even worse, because I want to switch on the heating all the time even though it is over 89 degrees outside. It isn’t fair to inflict that kind of suffering on our children by running the furnace, so I make different arrangements. Periodically I go out to kneel in the sun, plus if that is not enough I kneel in the automobile with the gas furnace running on full blast.

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