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I am fine with the air filters

When my wife and I bought a new mobile home, it was the first time we had ever owned a home. Most people do not understand that mobile homes are real homes, and everyone around here owns trailers. We were previously living in an apartment, and trying to save our down payment, it took three years but we finally managed to buy our own dream house. We have run into a few complications already, like buying the wrong sized air filters. It was an easy mistake, but it cost us thirty-nine dollars. I gave my kid a list of chores on Monday, in addition to a list of errands to run. One of the errands, was going to the hardware store to purchase an air filter for the heating and air conditioning unit. I told my kid what size to buy, and unfortunately, I made a mistake. The air filter was the wrong size, but my kid was determined to make it fit, she squished one side of the air filter until it fit tightly into the heating and air conditioning unit. When I got apartment from work, I heard a strange sound coming from the heating and air conditioning unit. I asked my kid about the air filter, and she told me the whole story. The hardware store wouldn’t take the air filter back, because my kid had damaged it. We all had to drive back to the supercenter, and purchase another air filter. At least we finally managed to get the correct size; on the second trip. I tried not to be upset, because I gave her the wrong size to begin with. She was simply trying to be creative.

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