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What a difference this made

My spouse is a cheapskate. There is just no easy way around stating the truth sometimes. She hates to spend money ever. She will do everything in her power to save a buck. Recently, our HVAC component burned out. I am not talking about just not working correctly. It literally exploded, smoke was everywhere plus there was no hot air to be had for weeks. I was horrified. I knew my spouse didn’t want to spend cash. The HVAC component was beyond dead. A brand new heating plus cooling component was so far and above our up-to-date financial budget that I was just waiting on the misery to come. All of us live in a temperate town. The weather can be harshly hot and it can get bitterly frigid in the Winter months. You have to have some sort of operation to deal with it. I came back home from work this week plus found her pulling out the outdated HVAC unit. I felt as if a funeral was needed. But, then I noticed a big box in the room. I asked her what it was plus she told myself and others a brand new HVAC unit! Seriously? She totally splurged on a decent HVAC component for the abode? Well, it took myself and others a few hours to realize that she didn’t really do that. It was a refurbished HVAC unit. This was a spine-chilling endeavor to me. You have no system where it has been or how it was cared for. And, yet, all of us were going to install it into our home. This could only end in disaster! Would it supply heat? Would it entirely cool down the house? All of us were going to find out the hard way plus fast!

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